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Financial Services
In the wake of everchanging regulatory norms and continued pressure to maintain high margins, financial service enterprises need to manage their business strategy, operations and technologies to remain competitive. They are forced to maintain a fine balance between improving customer experience while decreasing the cost of Operations & IT and complying with stringent regulations in governance.
Navigant is a leader in the BPO industry with proven ability to service needs across the financial services spectrum. Through our team of more than 500 professionals, we have serviced many clients from our 2 delivery centers in Gurgaon, India. Since our inception in 2003, we have evolved to cater to varied needs of clients including Private lending, Home loans, mortgage origination and servicing, investment banking operations, wealth management, broker–dealer operations, trade clearing and settlements, etc.

Media and Entertainment
The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry has seen a gale of disruption with emergence of new technologies, and convergence of telecom, television and the Internet. The consumer is king, more than ever before, with the freedom to consume content anytime, anywhere and on any choice of device, especially the handheld. This wave of change has forced the M&E industry across publishing, music, networks, traditional & new media, gaming, to reassess their business model.

As a committed BPO partner, Navigant services its clients with the process and technology knowhow to create newer operating efficiencies. Our wide range of BPO services and industry-focused consulting will help enhance your revenue generation initiatives while reducing your operations cost. Our select service offerings built on M&E domain expertise include Campaign management, SEO Services ad Search Marketing, Social Media Analytics and Digital ad operations.

According to industry experts, BPO for healthcare market is projected to be USD 276.79 billion by 2021 growing at a CAGR of 10.2% between 2016–2021. Technological improvements in medical care, increasing number of people - especially the elderly - seeking insurance, mandatory implementation of ICD-10 codes, enactment of PPACA and pressure to make healthcare more affordable, are all factors driving a sea change in the healthcare industry. Additionally, new business models (telemedicine, electronic records) based on digital technologies and stricter requirements related to patient privacy & safety, are pushing healthcare providers to deliver services in innovative ways.

Navigant partners with healthcare organizations to help them capitalize on these disruptive trends while balancing costs, delivering superior customer experience and improving process efficiencies. We cater to diverse needs of clients from those that require deep healthcare industry knowledge to more tedious tasks of healthcare administration. Our services array comprises Medical Billing, Medical Transcription, Finance & Accounts services, claims management, Integrated front-end services and back-office operations, Analytics and Fraud Management.
Navigant is also associated with many pharmaceutical enterprises including online pharmacies, whom we offer non-clinical services such as Supply Chain Management, Back office management, Sales and Marketing.

Utilities and Energy
Evolving regulatory norms, the need for planning and managing limited resources, access to finance and environmental mandates in different countries, pose tough challenges for companies in the energy and utilities industry.
Across the world, these companies face cost saving imperatives even as they try to meet the changing demands of customers with innovative services like implementing smart metering solutions. The companies include, but are not limited to, transmission and distribution service providers, municipally-owned utilities, public utilities, water suppliers, natural gas providers, oil and gas companies, energy trading enterprises and renewable energy companies.

Navigant, a specialist IT-BPO service provider, enables energy and utilities companies to gain a competitive advantage, build smarter processes and prune operational costs. We are an ISO 9001, certified company, that offers assurance of high quality results and data security.
Be it Back Office services viz. customer acquisition, customer registration form and purchase order data entry, customer database management or Call Center services for Sales and Customer acquisition, Outage and Emergency reporting, appliance repair scheduling, peak time billings/ savings update and Filed workforce communication and support, we work in tandem with our client to build robust processes.

Over the last few years, the automotive industry has experienced dizzying growth. Emergence of new markets, customers and technologies have required companies in the industry to focus on building their core capabilities while outsourcing non-core functions.
Navigant is an ISO 9001:2008 and 27001 certified IT-BPO services company with close to 15 years of experience in addressing needs of automobile and car manufacturers, auto ancilliaries, auto component suppliers, OEMs, auto dealers, car rental companies, online pre-owned car resellers, taxi companies and others.
As a result-oriented BPO service provider, we offer Call center services for Warranty support, Cross selling and up-selling, Customer retention & loyalty management, Maintenance and repair reminders, Roadside assistance programs, etc. Our back-office operations include processing forms of various kinds – automobile insurance, automobile purchase, car rentals, etc, as well as Product information management, Maintenance & repair information management.  As part of logistics BPO Support services, we cater to all forms of logistics from road freight to ocean shipping.

Travel and Leisure
As the global demand for travel and leisure services grows, companies are being compelled to create new business models to improve customer satisfaction. Airlines are taking lead in initiatives like Inventory distribution, Loyalty & Frequent flier programs and Analytics use to determine travel trends. At the same time, technology has altered the way in which travel was distributed and commercialized.
Be it travel and hospitality, tourism or transportation, as a preferred partner for BPO services, we handle all operations that encompass the travel process, from reservations, transportation to hotel bookings and logistics.
As your front office, we address customer inquiries through all communication channels (chat, email and phone) support to make bookings, cancellations and reschedules, conduct customer satisfaction surveys and make customer sales/bookings and reservations. Our back-office services are geared to manage receivables reconciliations, expense accounting and payables reconciliations. Seat upgrades, refunds and exchanges management, fulfilment, PNR Completion, MIS & Analytics, newsletters generation, are among other services offered by us.

A push into newer and emerging markets by major brands & ecommerce start ups, a burgeoning consumer base, an increased use of mobile for eCommerce, are all driving exponential growth for retailing via the online medium. Alongside, a more experienced online shopper is demanding high quality & personalized services with seamless mobile experience.
In wake of this, e-tailers need to step up their game by offering easy website navigation services, protecting personal and financial data of customers, ensuring smooth fulfillment of orders, organizing efficient logistics while managing their digital marketing efforts and effectively cross selling and upselling to prospective customers.
With over 14 years of experience in providing contact center solutions, Navigant is equipped to help eCommerce enterprises through various services:

    • Product information Management - Bulk product upload, Product Data Entry / Processing/Classification/Migration/ Extraction services, Catalog Management, etc
    • Customer Service - A multi-channel contact center that supports voice calls, live chat, email management and SMS/texts for cross-selling and up-selling activities, providing timely responses to customer queries, etc
    • IT Support – for design, development, testing, and quality assurance processes for web and mobile applications as well as other support tasks like Managed IT Help Desk and Server & Network Monitoring

Navigant is a trusted outsourcing partner for global telecommunication service providers (TSPs). We deliver integrated solutions to help you effect a business transformation and fulfill customer expectations. We provide business solutions for PSTN, ISP, VOIP, broadband, ISDN, mobile telephony and IPTV enterprises.
Our offerings are supported by technology and outsourcing capabilities. We partner with clients to improve profitability through a combination of cost and revenue solutions underpinned by delivery excellence. Our portfolio of services are as follows:

  • Wireline enterprises – Data cleansing, Fault management, Billings and collections, Order management, Directory services, etc
  • Wireless enterprises – Sales, Service Assurance, Order fulfilment, Billing support, Analytics

Cable companies – fulfilment services for broadband provision, Customer service, Return management and Revenue management among others


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Navigant Technologies runs our customer service, technical support and field support services including installation of GPS devices and provdes us with an excellent service.



Navigant Technologies converts our Web leads into sales. Also manages our back office support. Navigant has a track record for meeting the targets accurately and never missed the targets. We are very happy with their Call Center / BPO services. Excellent Job done Navigant Team !

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