Ankur Bhatia


Founder & CEO


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Navigant, Ankur is responsible for the vision and the global planning with business strategies in place at Navigant. An expert at raising and mentoring teams and making them successful, Ankur being an effective leader has continually diversified its solution offerings and promised to take Navigant Technologies to the forefront of the global outsourcing industry.


Aditi Bhatia


HR Director


As HR Director, Aditi is responsible for entire recruitng process for Navigant. She has created strong synergies between performance management systems and employee development platforms, ensuring that Navigant has a readily available and competent internal talent pool to meet business challenges. She has anchored numerous initiatives to support the development of strategic HR and is responsible to take Navigant Technologies to the forefront of the global outsourcing industry.


Sanjiv Sood


General Manager - Operations


As GM - Operations, Sanjiv is responsible for operational oversight, executing business strategy and operational excellence within domestic and near shore enterprise programs. Sanjiv’s approach drives a positive, memorable experience for agents, leadership, customers and clients


Preetie Kohli


Board Advisor


Entrepreneurial and passionate leader with over two decades of experience in Financial Services across Premier Banks like Goldman Sachs, ABN Amro and HSBC, covering Institutional Investors across Asia.
Post Graduate in Business Management, specialised in Finance, licensed with MAS (Singapore) as a qualified Financial Advisor. Committed to leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience in myriad ways that innovate solutions and develop strategic relationships for organizations that Preetie is involved with.
Based in Singapore since 2003, a local citizen,  she has been closely involved with corporates across the ASEAN, besides India




Sandeep Mishra


Head - Administration


As Admin Manager – Sandeep is responsible for day to day activities, people management, employee relations & ensure a smooth process round the clock. Sandeep’s approach towards the entire staff is equal and take’s proper care from the facility to the execution of process going live on a daily basis


Sumit Jha


General Manager - Finance


As GM Finance, Sumit is responsible for the company’s financial management, strategizing for future growth initiatives, while maintaining current flexibility. As part of the executive team, Sumit has been able to create a refined approach to management reporting, financial planning and analysis, and process improvement, which are all critical to proactively provide our clients with the right resources, technology, and facilities


Melody Pachuau


Head - Training & Quality


As Head – Training & Quality, Melody is responsible for quality & Training for all new client relationships, along with providing them with ongoing value through loyalty initiatives. Melody also manages the overall  brand, both externally by positioning us in the market, and internally by enforcing our company culture and transparency. Through managing the quality, training, and Customer Experience, Melody helps drive continuous value to our clients and communities we are involved in.




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