Administrative Benefits

We can often manage your payroll at a lower cost per employee than your own in-house payroll department. When you use our payroll services, we act as your payroll department and scale to fit with your particular business needs. Our payroll services and payroll management suits small businesses who do not have an in-house facility through to large companies who prefer to outsource the complete payroll function rather than employ specialist staff. By outsourcing your payroll you have no need for costly specialist staff. Instead you have cost effective access to our experts and knowledge base only when you need it. 


Our payroll services include: Processing your payroll data, Auto enrolment reporting and guidance, Printed or electronic payslips, Printed or electronic reports & provision of tailored reports

Payroll Services

True Success behind an employee benefits plan lies within consistent and constant communication. It starts with the open enrollment meeting and continues throughout the year and takes many forms including: benefit handbooks, total compensation statements, newsletters, one on one meetings, group meetings, videos, webinars, posters, payroll stuffers & benefit websites. Having a wide variety of communication methods ensures employees remain engaged and proactive with their plan decisions.



Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition as a unique function and department is a relatively new development. In many companies, recruiting itself is still an indistinct function of an HR generalist. Within many corporations, however, recruiting as a designation did not encompass enough of the duties that fell to the corporate recruiter. A separate designation of talent acquisition was required to meet the advanced and unique functions. Modern talent acquisition is a strategic function of an organization, encompassing talent procurement, but also workforce planning functions such as organizational talent forecasting, talent pipelining, and strategic talent assessment and development.


Talent acquisition is quickly becoming a unique profession, perhaps even distinct from the practice of general recruitment. Talent acquisition professionals are usually skilled not only in sourcing tactics, candidate assessment, and compliance and hiring standards, but also in employment branding practices and corporate hiring initiatives. Talent acquisition as a function has become closely aligned with marketing and PR as well as Human Resources. As global organizations need to recruit globally with disparate needs and requirements, effective recruiting requires a well thought out corporate messaging around hiring and talent development. Talent acquisition professionals often craft the unique company message around the approach the company takes to hiring and the ongoing development of employees. The employment brand therefore encompasses not only the procurement of human capital, but the approach to corporate employee development. The unique needs of large companies especially to recruit and hire as well as attract top talent led to the development of a unique talent acquisition practice and career


Travel & Expense Process

Travel & Expense Management provides a solution place for enterprise-wide travel and expense automation. It supports complex travel rules to make the claims process more controlled and easier for everyone.


Control travel costs before they are incurred. Employees can create a travel plan, including a cost projection, that must be approved prior to travel. Claim expenses more easily via integration with corporate credit cards. Purchases made using corporate credit cards or travel accounts are automatically brought into our travel and expenses system. Receive notifications when expenses are ready to be claimed. Email notifications alert employees when corporate card purchase items have arrived in the system and can be added to a claim. Easily create travel expenses based on existing travel plans. Travel & Expense can automatically match claims to plans and approve claims within set tolerances.




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