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What are Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR)


An Electronic Health Record, or Electronic Medical Record, is a digital version of a patient’s medical records. EHR software has existed for over 30 years, but with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, signed into law in 2009, EHR/EMR usage has become far more widely adopted, driven by government incentives.


Why Should You Adopt EHR Software Technology


Using 2014 Meaningful Use certified EHR software makes you eligible to receive thousands of dollars in government incentive money. Providers who are able to demonstrate meaningful use of EHRs each year will receive their incentive payments and avoid penalties. Important note: 2014 is the last year that EPs can begin attesting for Meaningful Use. With MediTouch, Meaningful Use is built into the system, and with our Meaningful Use Report Card, there’s virtually no “extra” work to earn your EHR incentive payments. 

Improve quality of care 
Electronic medical records improve the accuracy, accessibility and readability of medical records, since there’s no need to decipher physician handwriting. Having a universal record accessible by all treating physicians also reduces duplication of tests and delays in treatment. Using MediTouch EMR software gives you additional benefits, such as warnings, alerts and reminders that help further avoid medication errors and duplicates. 

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction 
With an integrated patient portal, your patients have private and secure access to their own electronic Personal Health Record (PHR). Patients that have access to a patient portal tend to be more engaged in their own care, and the ability to easily ask questions and request medication refills online improves patient satisfaction. Access to, and engagement with a patient portal is one of the requirements to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2. MediTouch comes with a free Meaningful Use certified patient portal that helps you stay compliant with the CMS patient engagement measures. 

Increase practice efficiency 
Using a cloud-based EHR software customized to your specialty will save you time and let you chart on the go. MediTouch comes preloaded with templates and care plans specific to almost any medical specialty. Make your EHR speak like you do

Electronic Medical Records

Medical billing software controls the lifeblood of your practice: cash flow. That’s why it’s so important for your medical billing software to be able to streamline your claim submission, provide excellent reporting so you can manage your cash flow, and speed your payment time. 

Electronic medical billing software in the cloud allows you to manage both your insurance and patient payments more accurately than was ever possible with old style client-sever applications. From charging and posting to denial management to patient billing, it’s all more accurate with state of the art web-based medical billing software. In addition, the our shared intelligence model of cloud-based electronic medical billing software allows your practice to take advantage of the learning experience derived from millions of claim submissions to prevent and manage denials. 

Web-based medical billing software is now the gold standard in healthcare, since providers and billers want to have the ability to access their system from anywhere. Being able to work from anywhere means that your cash flow isn’t interrupted by natural disasters or other emergencies and that your data is persistently backed up.

Medical Transcription

Navigant Technologies focuses on providing Medical transcriptionists create official healthcare records that go into the permanent files of patients. After doctors see their patients, they create audio recordings, or dictations, that discuss their patients’ illnesses, diagnoses and treatment plans. Medical transcriptionists receive these recordings and transcribe, or type, what the doctor says. Sometimes the physicians use abbreviations or obscure medical terms, so medical transcriptionists need a thorough knowledge of healthcare terminology and anatomy in addition to excellent typing skills. Medical transcriptionists are either employed by a single healthcare facility or by a transcription agency.



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